Our Story

Bonfleur’s line of products evolved out of necessity.

Originally created as Hana Medicinals in 2016, these award-winning products began as a research journey into the efficacy of hemp for natural, plant-based pain management and wellness.

Founder Amy Risch, a biologist and chemical engineer, felt the chronic pain of arthritis after many years of working hard with her hands remodeling, gardening, and beekeeping.

Risch soon became aware that the people around her were struggling to manage pain, too.

It was clear that her community was lacking in both natural and effective options for pain management without the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals.

After several years of exploration into a variety of treatments, all with pros and cons, Risch began growing and making medicine in Oregon in 2015. Exploring healing botanicals for muscle pain and inflammation, hope-grown kitchen experiments revealed incredibly effective formulations.

Risch shared her blends with friends and a groundswell of interest blossomed and created an amazing opportunity to help more people find relief through Hana Medicinals and, now, Bonfleur.

In the end, this family business was a by-product of the good flower, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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